Drive-Up Storage Units

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Drive-Up Storage Solutions

You need easy access to your storage unit. Why? Because it is essential when moving items that you simply cannot pick up and walk into your storage unit that you are able to easily drive and park right next to your storage unit with your vehicle or moving van.
With our unique storage solutions at Master Storage 365 you’ll enjoy an easily accessible drive-up storage unit that features an 8’ or 10’ metal roll up door (no need dealing with those swinging fence like doors so many other storage facilities use), 10 foot tall ceilings (stack you belongings higher so you don’t have to rent a bigger unit), and smartphone keyless entry and exit 24 hours a day!

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Our drive-up units are perfect for everyday storage needs.

But, if you’re running a business then these units are ideal! You and your team can easily access you unit(s) at anytime of the day via smartphone technology. Update inventory, check email, post to your social media accounts all from your unit with our free sitewide Wi-Fi.

Plus, you can add-on smaller storage units right next to your main storage unit to keep important items like expensive equipment, bookkeeping materials, and communication tools without having to fret about your employees having access to or damaging these items.

And, here’s the best news of all! You can do it at a fraction of the price it would cost you to rent an office and shop at a traditional industrial park. In fact most of our contractors who rent with us pay on average just $0.85 a square foot!
There’s even better news…

You can take advantage of our unique “flex” storage facility so as you grow, you grow.
What does “flex” mean?

Simple. It means that with our storage facility we can easily expand your storage space to accommodate any growing business or additional space needed for other personal belongings. So, as your business or family grows your storage grows with it.
These units are perfect for:

· Real Estate Staging businesses
· Landscapers
· General Contractors
· Specialty Automotive Services – like window tinting businesses.
· Electricians

· Hospitals
· Colleges
· Restaurants – Seasonal item storage
· Home buys and sellers
· Homeowners
· Renters
If you’re moving and need to store your household items, downsizing, looking for somewhere to store your boat or car, or running a business, we can accommodate your storage needs.

Drive-Up Storage Unit Sizes


• 5' X 5' Units
• 6' X 5' Units
• 5' X 10' Units
• 6' X 10' Units


• 10' X 10' Units
• 10' X 13' Units


• 12' X 23' Units
• 10' X 20' Units
• 10' X 23' Units


• 12' X 30' Units
• 14' X 30' Units
• 22' X 30' Units