Mailbox Rental Service

Your mailbox and the items you receive in the mail are considered “near to me, and dear to me.” That’s why it’s important that you don’t take any chances when it comes to mail theft whether you’re running a business or just receiving packages that are important.
You can run your whole business from a private mailbox, giving both online and offline clout by providing you with:

  • A real street address that you can use to verify important online listings.
  • Accept and ship packages that you need to operate your business (and you don’t even have to be here because our staff will do it for you!)
  • Hold or forward your mail so you never miss an important announcement or bill.
  • Call-in mail check - give us a ring and we'll let you know if you have mail.
  • Online mail check - with your authorization we’ll open, scan, and store your mail on our secure cloud server that is free to you with any mailbox rental.

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Business Mailbox Services

Physical Address

Having a real, physical address is provides you with professional clout and can make your business stand out as a legitimate, established business. You can feel free to add your location information to return addresses, online listings like Yelp and Facebook, or letterheads and other professional communication tools.

Shipping & Receiving

Keep your mail and your packages safe. You’ll never have to deal with porch pirates stealing your packages or mail theft when you rent a mailbox with us. As an added benefit you can ship all your goods that you offer from our location as well as receive packages that contain items that help you run your business or create your art. Order what you need when you need and we’ll accept it for you, securely store it, and notify you that you have a package waiting for you.

Forwarding & Holding

If you can’t get down to your mailbox to pickup your packages that we received…no worries! We’ll hold them for you in a secure storage unit until it’s convenient for you to pick them up. And if you can’t make it down to pick up your mail or packages, we can simply forward them to the address of your choice. But here’s what’s even better! We can receive your mail, open and scan it into your own personal cloud storage - that is free with unlimited space - so you can login into your account and read it all digitally from the comfort of your home or on your phone!
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Recieve all your USPS mail and packages, UPS, FedEx and Amazon packages in a safe a secure location free from theft.

The 365 Perks

Free Unlimited Lifetime Cloud Storage: You’ll get a cloud storage account with unlimited space…forever. Even if you decide to stop renting with Master Storage 365, you’ll always have access to your documents.

Free Open Office Workspace: bring in your laptop, sit down at one of our workstations that offers an office chair, power outlets, desk space, network access, and printer and get your business done. This is a great option for those that need to run a business from our location but don’t want to spend the money on expensive office rentals around town.

Free WiFi: Get on our WiFi and get to work fast! Every unit in our complex comes with free site wide WIFI. This means when you rent a mailbox, you’ll have access to that same blazing fast network that other tenants enjoy.

Free Beverage Bar: If you’ve got a long day of office work ahead of you or your stopping by to work on your side hustle after your 9-to-5 then we can help keep you caffeinated. Enjoy our free beverage bar that includes K-cup coffee pods, brewing machine, cups, lids, and sugar and creamers. Or you can feel free to enjoy a bottle of cold water or maybe a soda. You can also enjoy flipping through the channels on the 60-inch TV while you let your mind take a rest from your work

Free Dolly & Carts: If you run a business that receives or sends a lot of bulk items then you know how inconvenient it is to have to move all your product around and in and out of your car. No need to fret because at Master Storage 365 we offer free dolly’s and carts to all our renters…even those of you that rent mailboxes.