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Climate Controlled Storage at Master Storage 365

Weather in California, and more specifically the Central Valley, is temperamental to say the least.

We all know that the summer has temperature highs of 100 degrees and higher and the winter months can see weeklong temperatures that drop below freezing at night.

What most residents in the Madera, Fresno, Reedley, and Lemoore areas don’t know is that these extreme temperature changes can wreak havoc on your most valuable belongings. The biggest adversary to important, long lasting keepsakes is temperature changes.

Extreme heat can warp and melt old records, pictures, film, wood furniture, and art pieces. While extreme colds can crack leather apparel and furniture, change the dynamics of a bottled wine, and cause delicate fabrics to deteriorate faster than normal.

Master Storage 365 offers true Climate Controlled storage. With over 100 climate-controlled storage units housed in any of our locations, the temperatures will never drop below 58 F degrees and never rise above 78 F degrees. But it gets even better, we’ll monitor the air in the building so that the humidity is always controlled, protecting your most important belongings.

These units can be used for storing everything from valuable household belongings to using our wine lockers to keep that bottle of cabernet stored safely. As an added benefit, even though these units are housed inside our facility, you can access your climate-controlled storage unit 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with our keyless smartphone technology.

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• Fully housed climate controlled storage area.
• Temprature and humidity monotired.
• 8 foot high metal roll-up doors.
• Free 24/7 access to climate controlled building.
• Free 24/7 access to climate controlled storage unit.
• Free Wi-Fi service.
• Free moving van.
• Free dolly and carts to use.

What items need climate-controlled storage?

Wood & Laminate

This includes any wooden furniture and musical instruments that could expand and warp or crack when exposed to extreme heat and cold.


Important documents, newspapers, books, photographs or artwork can be sensitive to environmental changes and can be ruined over time.


Climate control can ensure that valuable or sentimental items like coins, stamps, comics, musical instruments or family heirlooms are properly preserved.


Exposure to extreme heat and cold can damage electronic devices like TVs, computers, and audio equipment. This also includes media like CDs, DVDs, vinyl records, and software.

Leather Furniture

Consider choosing climate control to help prevent mold, mildew, and discoloration to leather furniture.

Climate-Controlled Unit Sizes

4' X 5' Units
5' X 5' Units
5' X 10' Units
10' X 4' Units
10' X 10' Units
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