24 Hour Keyless Access

What are smart storage units?

These are storage units that offer keyless access via smartphone and are infrared monitored for security. This technology allows you to not only enter your unit without having to use a key or remember a combination, but it gives you full access to our storage facility all while monitoring your storage unit.

That means you enter and exit our gates with the app, open facility doors to our climate-controlled units and storage lockers AND get in and out of your storage unit with your smartphone.
The unit controllers are installed just to the side of the storage door and when locked emit a red light. After you enter the NoKe app and access your unit you can then use Near Field Technology to communicate with your storage controller on your unit door to lock and unlock it with the tap of a button.

What is wonderfully unique about this highly technical keyless system is that it not only allows you full access to our storage facility, but it also links to our interior monitoring system. Every storage unit we offer is equipped with a thermal-motion sensor (think infrared technology) and should access you unit without permission or by force you are immediately alerted via an alert on your phone.
Should a thief try to force their way in from a sidewall, cutting a hole in a door or partition, or access your unit from the roof our monitors will detect the motion. This gives you the ability to pull up your interior camera (should you have upgraded to add this feature) to see who is in your unit. Our staff both onsite and offsite are also alerted of the motion and immediately investigate the situation.
With almost all other storage facilities in the area should your storage unit be entered by force and without your consent you would have no way of knowing until it was too late!

Our keyless technology also allows you to share your “digital key” with family, friends, and/or co-workers. You can then allow access times and monitor who and when your storage unit was accessed. You can also revoke your digital key at a moment’s notice, and it’s all done from the convenience of your smartphone.
Plus, with digital key sharing you can order pickups, accept deliveries, and allow access to moving companies without having to be physically present.

And if you’re ever worried that you won’t be able to access your storage unit because you might have low signal strength from your cell phone provider just remember all of Master Storage 365 storage facilities offer FREE Wi-Fi site wide!

State-of-the-Art Security!

  • Keyless Entry System - No Keys!
  • Cloud Based Application
  • Mobile Access
  • Bluetooth Enabled Access
  • Smart Phone Access App
  • Instantly Share & Revoke Access

  • Interior Motion Sensor
  • Digital Key Remote Sharing & Management
  • Automated Overlocking & Release
  • Activity Log
  • Smart Phone Notifications
  • Wireless Key FOB Option
  • Unit Door Status

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