Wine Storage Solutions


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With so many great local wineries around Madera, Ca it only makes sense that you would want to store and protect your wine collection in a facility that offers cutting edge technology as well as wine lockers that offer a dark, still, and temperature controlled environment.

Your wine collection can accumulate quickly and have you wondering where you’ll find space in your home to make sure that cab or pinot can sit safely until the right time.

Right now, you can secure your wine locker with master Storage 365 and you’ll enjoy keyless 24/7 access to your collection. Along with a fully secure and video monitored wine storage room as well as a storage locker that is monitored via thermal-motion and will detect any movement and alert you via your smartphone.

Wine Storage The Way It Should Be.

Keep It Cool.

Your wine should be stored right around 55 F, excessive heat can ruin a perfectly great bottle of wine. That is why at Master Storage we have a dedicated wine storage room. This room not only has a climate-controlled environment 24 hours a day, but it also has its own dedicated security door to enter BEFORE you can even access your secure wine storage unit with our Noke entry system.

Keep It Dark.

While most glass bottles of wine have UV, filters built into the bottle from the manufacturer we would never comprise your wine collection in anyway. That is why your secure wine storage room is fitted with motion lighting. Once motion is removed from the room our light will quickly and automatically shut off.

Keep It Still.

If you’re thinking that a closet or maybe the top of the fridge in your house will suffice to store your wine, you might not have considered movement to the bottle. Vibration from a refrigerator motor, closet doors opening and closing, clothing being removed during the seasons can all lead to movement in your wine bottles which is what you DO NOT WANT. All our wine storage rooms are built in areas of Master Storage 365 that get minimal foot traffic and each wine storage locker is separated from its neighboring unit so that all movement to a bottle is removed.

Wine Storage Sizes

  • Small 2'w X 2.5'd X 2.67'h
  • Medium 2'w X 3'd X 2.67'h
  • Large 3'w X 3'd X 2.67'h